03150, Kiev,
9A Dilova St, 25
Тел.: 287-56-72

The main services:

  • Certification of agreements - legal actions (purchase and sale contracts, contracts of barter, deeds of gift, contracts of donation, contracts of permanent alimony, pledge contracts, mortgage contracts, constitutive agreements, marriage contracts, etc) ;
  • Registration of legal acts, of mortgage contracts
  • Certification of a power of attorney;
  • Certification of a testament ;
  • Certification of copy documents ;
  • Issuing the duplicates of the documents stored in the files of a private notary ;
  • Issuing certificates of proprietary right on the community property ;
  • Making of executive inscriptions ;
  • Authenticating signatures on statute documents, bank cards, announcements, etc…
  • Witnessing the signature of interpreter ;
  • Witnessing the accuracy of the translation from one language into the other ;
  • Certification of: time of a document’s presentation, the identity of a person, the fact of the whereabouts of a person, the fact of a persons being alive ;
  • Taking the certificate from the “Unified Register of Prohibition the Alienation of real estate objects” to check the absence of prohibition (arrest) on the alienated property ;
  • Registration of the prohibition on the alienation of the immovable property in the “Unified Register of Prohibition the Alienation of real estate objects”

Additional services:

  • Fax, Copier, Scanner, Coffee Machine
  • Calculating banknotes machine, calculator, ultraviolet checking of the authenticity of banknotes, documents;
  • Written and oral translations
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